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Building brighter futures for people and businesses through CIM-accredited marketing apprenticeships

Are you one of these people?

Whether you’re aiming to expand your marketing team, kickstart your career, or enhance your existing skills, marketing apprenticeships can be the solution you’re seeking. Click below to discover how we can assist you in achieving growth through marketing apprenticeship programmes.

Why marketing apprenticeships?

Marketing apprenticeships are a flexible way to develop your career or build out your marketing team.

  • They vary in duration, typically between 15 – 18 months;
  • There are a variety of levels available depending on your experience or requirements;
  • They cover a wide spectrum of subjects including traditional and digital marketing;
  • They’re completely free for learners and cost-effective for employers.
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What people say about us

“I have worked with Mitch for many years. He has supported our business by offering apprenticeships in digital marketing and customer care. This has been a great way to scale our business whilst being able to offer opportunities to students who want to learn and succeed in what they are doing within our business. Mitch is an enthusiastic teacher, an excellent communicator, a consummate professional in his field, and importantly was excellent at supporting our apprentices and the businesses’ needs.”

David Coton


“My coach, Mitch, was a fantastic apprenticeship coach and helped me to achieve my Level 4 DM qualification. He was always patient and helpful and nothing was too much when it came to helping his students. I can’t thank him enough for all the help and experience he gave me when I was starting out in my career!”

Gemma M

Associated Independent Stores LTD

Events Social Media and Content Officer

“Mitch had a significant impact on my knowledge and skills in the field. He’s a true expert, with an engaging teaching style and the ability to break down complex topics into simple steps. He provided personalised feedback which I could apply directly to my role at work as well as to my portfolio, and innumerable support.”

Nuha M.


Data Analyst

“During my apprenticeship, my coach, Mitch, was excellent thanks to his grounded perspective on real-world marketing applications. He was always approachable and had a brilliant understanding of working with young apprentices.”

Joe H


Marketing Manager

“My coach during my apprenticeship was exceptional. His extensive knowledge, helpfulness, and down-to-earth approach made my learning experience truly valuable. I highly recommend him as a trainer!”

Grace D

The Man Cave Expo

Event Coordinator

The benefits of apprenticeships

For Employers

There is a myriad of benefits for Employers choosing to utilise apprenticeships including:

  • Saving money on recruitment and training costs;
  • They are incredibly efficient for growing your marketing team;
  • They can be tailored to meet your business’s requirements;
  • They provide long-term business growth opportunities;
  • Apprentices bring new and fresh perspectives to your business;
  • They alleviate your team’s workload and increase productivity.

For Apprentices

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to begin or develop your career. Benefits include:

  • Gaining practical hands-on marketing experience & skills;
  • Getting a better perspective on where you want to go in life;
  • Earning a salary while you study;
  • You’ll have access to mentorship and guidance along the way;
  • Apprenticeships lead to better career opportunities;
  • Gain industry-recognised qualifications for free.

What are the benefits of apprenticeships?

For Employers

There is a myriad of benefits for Employers choosing to utilise apprenticeships including:

  • They’re cost-effective;
  • They offer fantastic business growth opportunities;
  • Apprenticeships provide adaptable development pathways;
  • They provide long-term business development opportunities;
  • Learners are typically driven by learning and development;
  • Apprentices can be hired on fixed-term contracts.

For Apprentices

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to begin and develop your career. Benefits include:

  • Gain practical hands-on marketing experience;
  • Develop real-world, industry-relevant skills;
  • Earn money while you study;
  • You’ll have access to mentorship and guidance along the way;
  • Apprenticeships lead to enhanced job opportunities;
  • Gain industry-recognised qualifications for free.

Apprenticeships we offer

Multi-Channel Marketer level 3

A 15-month programme designed to take individuals from 0 to 60 when it comes to all things marketing. It covers online and offline marketing and is perfect for small and large teams looking to expand and future-proof themselves.

Market Research Executive Level 4

An 18-month programme geared specifically toward market research departments and agencies. This is a niche programme which lays the ground work for aspiring researchers and is great for in-house and supplier-side organisations looking to grow with junior MR talent.

Embedded professional accreditations

We’re one of only a handful of apprenticeship providers that embed level 3 or 4 CIM accreditations into our curriculums. To find out more about these accreditations, visit CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketers). Benefits of holding a CIM include:

  1. Industry recognition;
  2. Enhanced skills;
  3. Networking opportunities;
  4. Career advancement.

Looking to hire an apprentice?

Why not download our prospectus and read through all of this at your leisure? It contains all of the information about our courses, CIM accreditations, funding, and much more.

The Marketing Trainer prospectus
TMT Learner Prospectus

Looking to start an apprenticeship?

Why not download our learner prospectus and find out more about our programmes and the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

Let’s see if an apprenticeship is right for you

Get in contact with one of our team to find out more and discover how your business can grow through apprenticeships!

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