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Employer FAQ

When it comes to job applications, it’s important to keep in mind that what you’re receiving is not the finished product. As an apprentice, you’ll be starting in a role with the expectation that you’ll learn from experienced professionals in the industry (and get paid while doing so). While we can teach you skills, we cannot teach you behaviours and attitudes. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the type of person who would fit well into your brand’s culture and values. At our company, we go through a thorough recruitment process to send you the best talent we can find. However, it’s important to note that no apprentice will perfectly fit every requirement you may have. We recommend that you interview all applicants we send in order to determine who would be the best fit for your team.

Like all of your employees, you pay your apprentice directly. You are also responsible for giving your apprentice their contract of employment.

Apprentices can be any age as long as they are over 16. We work with apprentices who recently left school, to those in their late thirties and forties. Equally, we work with university graduates and those who are looking for a career change. Our candidates are of all ages with varying experience.

As of April 1st 2024, the minimum wage requirements break down as so:

  • Apprentice: £6.40
  • 16-17 year-olds: £6.40
  • 18-20 year-olds: £8.60
  • 21 and over: £11.44

The most recent government update states that apprentices must be paid a minimum of  £6.40 per hour. However, our advice is that all employers look to pay their marketing apprentices between £15,000 and £21,000 per annum. Paying higher than the minimum wage shows that you’re serious about the investment in the apprenticeship.

Off-the-job training refers to the dedicated time that apprentices must be given for learning and apprenticeship work. Aside from the training that we provide, we can work with you to assess and allocate the hours your apprentice requires legally. As long as you have made us aware of your business needs, we will work with you to plan sessions around your requirements.

Our marketing apprenticeships typically last between 13 to 18 months  (Plus end point assessment which is between another two and four weeks).

Any new member of your team, whether junior or senior, needs induction and a period of adjustment for their role, and importantly, to learn about the business. An apprentice, like anyone early in their career, requires guidance. But don’t worry, your apprentice will also have a designated Coach throughout the duration of their apprenticeship!

Yes, apprentices are like any other employee with a work contract and pension. In this respect, they are like any other employee.

The funding for all apprenticeship programs is determined by the ESFA. Employers who pay into a levy account will have the cost deducted from their account. For non-levy employers, the government will cover 95% of the cost while the remaining 5% is the co-investment fee that you will need to provide. However, if your apprentice is aged between 16-18, the program will be fully funded, and you won’t have to pay a co-investment fee.

In addition to the programme cost, there is also the cost of the employee to consider. Typically, we only work with employers who pay their employees a minimum annual salary of £16,000+.

To secure your funding, you will first need to set up a DAS account. To do this, you will require HMRC codes that can be obtained through your payroll system. The same DAS account can also be used to apply for government incentives, such as the £1000 available for hiring a 16-18-year-old apprentice.

Furthermore, there are several forms that you will need to complete and sign, including the SLA, health and safety forms, prevent and safeguarding forms, and an employer statement explaining why you are hiring an apprentice. Additionally, you will need to provide us with a copy of your employer liability insurance certificate and your health and safety policy.

Rest assured that we will provide full support throughout this entire process to ensure that you do not encounter any confusion or difficulties.

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