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Apprenticeships, where do you start?

Numerous marketing apprenticeships await you, whether you’re a fresh start or a seasoned marketer. We’ve outlined our apprenticeship options below to guide your choice based on your current status and needs.

Level 3 Apprenticeships

Level 3 apprenticeships are your entry-level qualifications. They’re roughly the equivalent of an AS/A level and you’ll typically cover the basics of marketing and theory in addition to more specific course content. They’re the perfect foundation for people looking to start a career in marketing or retrain.
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Multi-Channel Marketer

The aim of the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship is to expose learners to both digital and/or traditional marketing methods including the planning, execution, and reporting stages of campaigns. This standard will be replacing the Digital Marketer once it is released.

  • Duration: 13 – 15 months including EPA.
  • Includes: CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing
  • Employer cost: £11,000 levy, or £550 co-investment

Find out more about Multi-Channel Marketer

Level 4 Apprenticeships

Level 4 apprenticeships are more advanced qualifications. They’re roughly the equivalent of a HNC or the first year of an undergraduate degree. They’re great for people with a zero to a year’s experience.

Market Research Executive

Covers the investigation, design, and set up of research projects, as well as analysing data and reporting on findings. These activities will require capturing, comparing, checking and analysing primary research data; undertaking secondary research; checking, monitoring and screening participants; structuring and segmenting data for analysis and validating data for quality and accuracy. 

  • Duration: 15 – 18 months including EPA
  • Employer cost: £8,000 levy, or £400 co-investment

Find out more about the Market Research Executive apprenticeship

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Embedded professional accreditations

As part of many of our apprenticeships, we embed additional professionally recognised qualifications for free. This is incredibly rare within the industry and training providers will often charge you to enrol on extra-curricula courses. This can cost £800+ depending on the qualification in question. The great news for you is we enrol all our learners at no extra cost.
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Benefits of holding a CIM include:

  1. Industry recognition;
  2. Enhanced skills;
  3. Networking opportunities;
  4. Career advancement.

Download our employer prospectus

Why not download our prospectus and read through all of this at your leisure? It contains all of the information about our courses, CIM accreditations, funding, and much more.

The Marketing Trainer prospectus
TMT Learner Prospectus

Looking to start an apprenticeship?

Why not download our learner prospectus and find out more about our programmes and the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

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