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Marketing apprenticeships offer small businesses a cost-effective way of growing their team and generating more sales

You’re at that critical point now if you’re on this page. You either have too much work, too little time or need to start bringing marketing expertise into your organisation. Either way, you’re probably dealing with a lot of stress. Well, the good news is, that you’re likely in the right place. On this page, we’ll outline how a marketing apprenticeship can help your small business and go over some of the ins and outs you’ll need to know before taking the leap.

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Why apprenticeships can help your business

  • Marketing apprenticeships benefit small businesses by providing cost-effective access to fresh talent;
  • Apprentices learn on the job, tailored to your business’s needs, and address your specific skill gaps;
  • Apprenticeships enhance productivity, help you adapt to industry changes, and contribute to succession planning;
  • Additionally, government incentives ease the financial burdens, by covering most if not all of the costs of the courses;
  • Also, Small businesses hiring marketing apprentices not only gain immediate value through capable team members but also enhance their reputation as socially responsible contributors to workforce development.

What are the benefits?

Apprenticeships offer a multitude of benefits to small businesses including:

  • Cost-effective growth and hiring;
  • Tailored skills development;
  • Increased loyalty and retention;
  • Adaptable and customisable to your needs;
  • Enable effective succession planning;
  • There are great government incentives;
  • They offer diverse perspectives;
  • Offer enhanced reputation.
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What employers are saying

Apprenticeship programmes have transformed the hiring process for junior marketing staff for me, offering undeniable benefits such as increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and fresh perspectives. The apprentices’ willingness to learn injects new life into the team and improves management and marketing skills. Partnering with companies like The Marketing Trainer enhances the success of apprentices, making it a game-changing strategy for businesses.

Anna R.
Product Marketing Manager

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How do they work?

  • Our apprenticeships last from 15 to 18 months;
  • You employ your apprentice as you would any other employee;
  • You offer your apprentice practical work experience while they receive structured training;
  • The UK government funds between 95% – 100% of the course costs for you;
  • You pay your apprentice as you would any other employee;
  • We provide monthly training and support to your learner and support you in your apprenticeship journey;
  • We take your apprentice through to End-Point Assessment (completion);
  • And, you end up with a polished marketing professional.

Why not read about all of this in your own time?

Sign up for our free 50+ page e-book on apprenticeships. It contains everything you’ll need to know about apprenticeships. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy via email. Don’t worry, we won’t sign you up for any needless email marketing, just the book.

    The free TMT guide for employers on everything to do with apprenticeships.

    Courses we offer

    Multi-Channel Marketer

    An entry-level course ideal for those with little to no experience. It lasts for between 13-15 months. It covers all of the foundations of traditional and digital marketing and comes with a free embedded level 3 CIM. Perfect for building your marketing team.

    Market Research Executive

    An intermediate-level course which is ideal for those specifically looking to enter the field of market research. It lasts for between 13-18 months and covers all of the elements that you’d expect a junior market research executive to be involved in.

    Apprenticeship incentives for small businesses

    If you work for or own a small business there are a number of Government incentives in place to help you fund the hiring of apprentices. They include:

    1. If your annual payroll bill is less than £3mil you’ll qualify for something called Co-Investment;
    2. Co-investment means that the UK Government will contribute 95% toward the total cost of your apprenticeship training;
    3. In addition to this, if you have less than 50 members of staff, the government will pay the whole cost of the apprenticeship;
    4. There’s still more to come. If you hire an apprentice who is 16 – 18 years of age, the government will pay you a £1000 incentive to do so.

    So, not only will they pay a majority of your apprenticeship training costs, but there’s a chance they’ll pay all of the costs and even give you money to take on a younger learner!

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    How much do they cost?

    More than 50 staff
    Less than 50 staff
    Multi-Channel Marketer £550 It could cost you nothing*
    Market Research Executive £400 It could cost you nothing*

    *If you hire

    • A 16 to 21 year old;
    • Or a 19 to 24-year-old with an education, health and care plan provided by their local authority or has been in the care of their local authority.

    Additionally, a £1,000 incentive is available to any business that takes on a 16 – 18 year old.

    What’s the process?

    The process is relatively straightforward. We’ll guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the best results:

    1. Consultation: Speak with us about what you’re looking for from your marketing apprentice;
    2. Advertising: We’ll advertise for your position and find the right candidates;
    3. Interviewing: You interview a shortlist of prospective candidates;
    4. Make the hire: You choose the best candidate for you and your team;
    5. Documentation: You, your new employee, and we sign a couple of contracts to establish the apprenticeship;
    6. And we’re off: Your learner begins their journey and you reap the benefits of apprenticeships.
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    Download our employer prospectus

    Why not download our prospectus and read through all of this at your leisure? It contains all of the information about our courses, CIM accreditations, funding, and much more.

    The Marketing Trainer prospectus

    Let’s grow your team and build a brighter future for your business

    Get in contact with one of our team to find out more and discover how your business can grow through apprenticeships!

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