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Alleviate workload, save thousands, and future-proof your team with CIM-accredited marketing apprenticeships

If you are:

  • Overloaded with work;
  • Struggling with time;
  • Tired of paying exorbitant recruitment costs;
  • Seeking fixed-term and flexible contractual staff;
  • Looking to take advantage of government-funded training initiatives;
  • Striving to get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Then we’re happy to say, marketing apprenticeships can solve all of your problems.

How you can benefit from marketing apprentices?

Save money

Hiring an apprentice can be a cost-effective way to bring fresh talent into your marketing team. Apprentices are typically paid less than experienced marketers, making it an affordable option for small businesses and startups.


As an employer, you can customise your apprentice’s training to your specific business needs. This ensures that your apprentice learns the skills that are most important to your business and that they are able to apply them directly to your marketing strategy.

Save time

Apprenticeships help to develop new talent that can contribute to your business’s growth. By having an apprentice on board, you can increase productivity and save time which allows your experienced team members to focus on more complex projects.


Apprentices bring a fresh perspective to your business. Apprentices often have different backgrounds and skill sets, which can lead to new ideas and approaches that may not have been considered otherwise. This can help to keep your marketing strategy current and innovative.

How does hiring a marketing apprentice work?

Our process is designed to make things as simple for you as possible. It aims to provide you with the most suitable candidates for your role and requirements whilst ensuring the successful completion of the chosen course. For more information about apprenticeships, see our Employer FAQ.

We get a grasp of your motivations for hiring a marketing apprentice and your requirements & expectations. Our team will guide you in identifying whether an apprenticeship is suitable and selecting the perfect course if it is.

By gaining a clear understanding of your needs, we can then locate the ideal candidate for your role. Our process involves using advertisements and active head-hunting depending.

You then conduct interviews and if you find a candidate that you like, you follow your standard hiring process and get them onboard.

We make the signup process quick and easy with just two quick enrollment sessions. Everything is set up and completed using our enrollment portal.

Throughout the apprenticeship, your designated Coach will engage in monthly remote 1-2-1 sessions, quarterly progress reviews, and interactive group sessions, fostering learning and collaboration with fellow apprentices. Typically you can anticipate 12 to 18 touch-points with your Coach, with flexibility for additional sessions if needed.

Your dedicated Coach will stand by you throughout the apprenticeship, providing essential support through the Gateway and End-Point Assessment (EPA) phases. This ensures your learner’s optimal readiness and performance as they reach the completion stage of their course.

Our courses

Multi-Channel Marketer

An entry-level course ideal for those with little to no experience. It lasts for between 13-15 months. It covers all of the foundations of traditional and digital marketing and comes with a free embedded level 3 CIM. Perfect for building your marketing team.

Market Research Executive

An intermediate-level course which is ideal for those specifically looking to enter the field of market research. It lasts for between 13-18 months and covers all of the elements that you’d expect a junior market research executive to be involved in.

How much do they cost?

Funding apprenticeships can go one of two ways, either through Co-Investment or Levy Contributions.

Levy contribution

(Payroll bill over £3m)

The Apprenticeship Levy is a payroll tax on large employers, which is used to fund apprenticeship training. Employers with an annual wage bill over £3 million contribute 0.5% of their payroll into the levy pot. If you are one of these businesses, you can then use these funds, plus a government top-up, to cover the costs of training apprentices within your organisation.


(Payroll bill under £3m)

Co-investment refers to the funding arrangement for smaller employers who are not subject to the Apprenticeship Levy. These employers share the cost of apprenticeship training with the UK government. The employer pays 5% of the training costs, and the government covers the remaining 95%. This co-investment model enables a wider range of businesses to access apprenticeship programs.

Large businesses

(Payroll bill over £3m)

If your organisation already pays the 0.5% levy, you’ll need to take advantage of these funds before they expire. Instead of losing thousands of pounds, why not use this money to grow your marketing team or upskill an existing member of staff? There could be thousands of pounds sitting there waiting to be utilised. Check your organisation’s digital account to see how much is available that could be allocated toward apprenticeships.

Small businesses

(Payroll bill under £3m)

If you’re not a Levy payer, you’ll share the costs of the Apprenticeship and End Point Assessment (EPA) with the Government. This is called Co-Investment. Effectively, the Government funds 95% of the apprenticeship costs and you’d only be responsible for paying the remaining 5%.

Cost breakdown

Co-investment 50+ staff
Co-investment less than 50 staff
Multi-Channel Marketer £11,000 £550 It could cost you nothing*
Market Research Executive £8,000 £400 It could cost you nothing*

*If you hire

  • A 16 to 21 year old;
  • Or a 19 to 24-year-old with an education, health and care plan provided by their local authority or has been in the care of their local authority.

Additionally, a £1,000 cash incentive is also available to all employers with any turnover and size if a newly recruited apprentice is aged 16-18.

Why not read about all of this in your own time?

Get your free 50+ page e-book on apprenticeships. It contains everything you’ll need to know about apprenticeships. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy via email. Don’t worry, we won’t sign you up for any needless email marketing, just the book.

    The free TMT guide for employers on everything to do with apprenticeships.

    Embedded professional accreditations

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing logo

    As part of several of our apprenticeships, we embed level 3 or 4 CIM accreditations into our curriculums. To find out more about these accreditations, visit CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketers). The benefits of your learners holding a CIM include:

    1. Industry recognition means your business is associated with quality;
    2. Enhanced skills that they can bring to the table;
    3. Networking opportunities your learners can network with other recognised professionals.

    Download our employer prospectus

    Why not download our prospectus and read through all of this at your leisure? It contains all of the information about our courses, CIM accreditations, funding, and much more.

    The Marketing Trainer prospectus

    Let’s grow your marketing team and build a brighter future for your business

    Get in contact with one of our team to find out more and discover how your business can grow through apprenticeships!

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