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Our mission is to help people and organisations build brighter futures using CIM-accredited marketing apprenticeships

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Why this all started

The Marketing Trainer was born out of a necessity to make a positive change in the apprenticeship industry. Our founders have worked for some of the largest training providers in the country and recognised that there were always fundamental shortcomings within the sector. Whether it was to do with supporting apprentices and employers, the quality of training and the learner journey, putting the right candidates in the right roles, or the outcomes of people’s apprenticeships, there was always something that could be improved. We like to refer to this as witnessing “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of what the apprenticeship industry has to offer.

Quality is at the core of everything we do

Our plan is to build a training provider that is synonymous with quality.  We’ll do this by specialising in a single subject area, marketing, and only marketing. We’ve worked for the jack-of-all-trades master of none providers, and we know that it doesn’t work.

Our goal is to offer marketing apprenticeships that are unrivalled within the industry. We’ll do this by providing a choice of standards with clear progressional routes whilst embedding professionally recognised qualifications into our programmes. Our aim is to ensure our learners complete their courses head and shoulders above the competition and are able to bring true expertise and skills into their organisations. Gone are the days when apprentices were just extra pairs of hands!

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How we’ll do it

We’ll do this by building a truly unique apprenticeship training provider that focuses solely on the delivery of marketing-related apprenticeships. By using a narrow and deep approach, we’ll become true masters of marketing apprenticeships. Our courses will be designed by industry professionals, offering real value to our apprentices and employers, not just to tick the boxes. Our end goal is to positively affect the trajectory of people’s lives and the future of our client’s businesses.

Our values


We are committed to fostering inclusivity by removing obstacles that hinder individuals from attaining industry qualifications, including financial and social constraints and time limitations. To accomplish this, we have integrated industry-accredited qualifications into all our apprenticeship programs.

Your success is our success

Our mission is driven by a deep commitment to our learner’s and employer’s success. Witnessing your staff thrive in their careers is not only our goal but our greatest source of inspiration as we actively empower and prepare them for the boundless opportunities that await.

Innovate, innovate, innovate

We prioritise your success through ongoing collaboration with industry experts, swiftly integrating the latest trends and technologies into our curriculums. Things can always be improved, and by doing so, you get the very best the industry has to offer.

Our approach

Marketing Specialists

We only offer marketing-related apprenticeships or those that closely connect with marketing. You NEVER see us offering accountancy, IT, and Software courses.

Provide Progression

Our aim is to form long-term relationships with our clients and learners and offer realistic and flexible professional journeys from level 3 to 6.

Feedback Focused

We care about what you have to say. We’re building a Training Provider that listens to the feedback from its team, employers, and learners.

Quality > Growth

We’re looking to grow the right way without jeopardising quality. Quality in all areas of our business will take president over quick growth. Slow and steady.

Let’s see if an apprenticeship is right for you

Get in contact with one of our team to find out more and discover how your business can grow through apprenticeships!

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