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Don’t worry, we get it, it’s difficult figuring out what to do next. Have you considered marketing apprenticeships?

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If you’re unsure about how to start your marketing career or develop & train within your existing role there may be dozens of possible solutions. However, a marketing apprenticeship may be ideal for you, no matter where you are in your career. You can find out more about our specific courses by clicking the button below.

So, what are your options?

Possible issues
University It’s expensive, takes three years, and by the end of the course, you may not feel as you did when you started.
Self-study / retrain Where do you start, what courses or books do you buy, and how do you know what is good or not?
Get a random job Sure, you’ll earn a little bit of cash, but will it actually lead anywhere?
Entry-level marketing role Marketing is very popular, and with little to no experience or qualifications, it’s really a rat race to get your first marketing role.
Do an apprenticeship There really aren’t any issues. You get a job in marketing, qualifications, and experience, and get paid at the same time.

Why an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine the process of learning a new discipline with practical application in the workplace in a role you may struggle to get otherwise. Not only that, but you’ll be supported by your employer, work closely with a Coach who will mentor you, and meet other like-minded apprentices in the process. Put simply…
Employment + On-the-job learning + A dedicated Mentor = Becoming an awesome marketer!

Benefits include

You’ll develop knowledge & practical skills outside of a physical classroom using small group remote support sessions and online learning materials allowing you to learn at your own pace;

Unlike expensive University courses which can run into the tens of thousands of pounds, apprenticeships cost you absolutely nothing and can put you ahead of the curve with practical experience;

This means that you can plan the next steps in your career sooner than university;

Something that most University students don’t acquire until the third year of their degree, if at all;

Unlike a lot of providers, we insist that our employers pay the national minimum wage at minimum (varies) as opposed to the apprenticeship wage (£6.40). On average, this means you’ll earn between £15,000 – £22,000;

Such as a CIM or MRS certifications, putting you ahead of a majority of other marketing apprentices.

Apprenticeships we offer

Multi-Channel Marketer level 3

A 15-month programme designed to take you from 0 to 60 when it comes to all things marketing. It covers online and offline marketing and is perfect if you have no experience or background in marketing.

Market Research Executive Level 4

An 18-month programme geared specifically toward training you to become a specialised market researcher. This is a niche programme which lays the groundwork for aspiring researchers and prepares you for a career in the MR field.

Looking to start an apprenticeship?

Why not download our learner prospectus and find out more about our programmes and the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

TMT Learner Prospectus

What’s the process?

It’s really straightforward:

  1. Get in touch and send us your CV;
  2. Talk to us about what you’re looking for;
  3. We set up interviews with potential employers;
  4. You land yourself a job and we start the apprenticeship.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you along the way with interview preparation and guidance too.

Why The Marketing Trainer?

  1. Coaching and Marketing are in our DNA. We know this industry!;
  2. We only offer marketing apprenticeships, allowing us to offer expert training, coaching, and mentoring throughout your programme;
  3. All of our apprenticeships offer meticulously crafted curricula designed by industry experts, providing you with a superior education over other providers;
  4. We embed professionally recognised qualifications like CIMs into each of our apprenticeships meaning you’ll truly stand out from the crowd.

Embedded professional accreditations

As part of all our apprenticeships, we embed additional professionally recognised qualifications for free. This is incredibly rare within the industry and training providers will often charge you to enrol on extra-curricula courses. This can cost from £800+ depending on the qualification in question. The great news for you is we enrol all our learners at no extra cost.
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Benefits of holding a CIM include:

  1. Industry recognition;
  2. Enhanced skills;
  3. Networking opportunities;
  4. Career advancement.

What are you waiting for?

Simply fill in this form and one of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help you kick-start your marketing career. Here are some of the benefits again:

  • Graduate in just 13-16 months;
  • Master your chosen skills with individual coaching and development;
  • Gain additional professional qualifications that 98% of apprentices do not;
  • Learn at your own pace;
  • Access to the latest in creative and technical training.

If you need any more information, check out our Apprentice FAQ in case it answers any of your questions.

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