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Unlocking your child’s future success. Enrol your child on a marketing apprenticeship today!

The situation

Is your child unsure about what to do next with their life? Are they slobbing around the house aimlessly? Are they struggling to find work in this competitive climate? Then maybe what they need is a marketing apprenticeship.

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What is a marketing apprenticeship?

A marketing apprenticeship is a structured programme whereby an apprentice will work for an employer within their marketing team. Over the duration of the programme, the apprentice will learn and utilise skills relevant to marketing.

Throughout their apprenticeship, your child will acquire practical work experience and acquire fresh skills through their employer. This is facilitated by training from their apprenticeship training provider. Generous investments from both the government and employers have transformed apprenticeships into a superb route of progression for school, college, and even university leavers, offering individuals exciting pathways to launch their desired careers.

The benefits of marketing apprenticeships

Your child will benefit from:

  • Gaining nationally recognised qualifications;
  • Earning money whilst studying;
  • Learning from marketing experts both on and off the job;
  • Developing invaluable real-world hands-on skills;
  • Having at least 12 months of experience over their competition.
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Who can do an apprenticeship?

To put it simply, anybody. So long as they live within the UK and are 16 years of age or over, they’ll be eligible to enrol on an apprenticeship. However, our candidates typically range from 16 – 25 years of age and come from anywhere from school, to university, or those looking to retrain.

Want to find out more?

Why not download our learner prospectus and find out more about our programmes and the benefits of your child becoming a marketing apprentice?

TMT Learner Prospectus
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How the process works

  • Your child provides their details or applies for one of our marketing apprenticeship vacancies;
  • We arrange interviews for them and they attend those interviews;
  • If successful, they land themselves a full-time marketing job;
  • They start work and we start the apprenticeship training;
  • Around 15 – 18 months later they complete their qualification with certifications and experience.

Frequently asked questions

Because of the nature of the qualifications that we deliver, we only work with employers that pay realistic salaries. On average, our employers pay from £15,000 – £22,000 per year depending on the role, location, required experience, etc.

Our clients range from SMEs to Multi-Nationals and can range from companies with 5 employees to 10,000. However, rest assured, we vet all of our employers to ensure that you child is safe and taken care of during their apprenticeship.

Because of the nature of our qualifications and the requirements of our employers, all of our applicants will require GCSEs in English and maths at a minimum of grade C/4 or above. Due to the nature of marketing and its reliance on written language and data analysis, having qualifications in English and maths is critical.

This depends on the qualification that they enrol on. For example, if they enrol on our Multi-Channel Marketer programme, they’ll receive a certificate of completion from CIM as was as a Foundation certificate from the CIM. However, other courses differ so it will be worth enquiring about each.

Apprenticeships do not cost you or your child anything. It is the responsibility of the employer and or the government to pay the costs of apprenticeships.

Our programmes range in duration from between 15 to 18 months.

This depends entirely on the employer. However, on average, our clients offer standard holiday allowance which may include things like bank holidays. Some of our employers offer perks and benefits such as health care plans, etc.

Let’s see if an apprenticeship is right for your child

Get in contact with one of our team to find out more about whether a marketing apprenticeship would be right for your child

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