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Things you need to know about the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship

If you’re looking to hire a marketing apprentice and you’re weighing up the Digital Marketer and Multi-Channel Marketer programmes, check out this article before making your decision.

The landscape of marketing apprenticeships is evolving with the advent of the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship being released on the 11th of December 2023. The new programme represents a fresh approach to marketing apprenticeships, offering a broader and more versatile skill set compared to the older Digital Marketer Level 3 standard. In this article, we will explore the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship and compare it to the Digital Marketer Level 3 to help you understand the differences and benefits of this new programme.

The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship

The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship is a relatively new programme that is due to be released in December 2023. This apprenticeship is designed to equip candidates with a wide range of skills and knowledge to succeed in the modern marketing landscape. Some of the key components of the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship include:

Digital marketing fundamentals: Multi-Channel Marketers are well-versed in the core principles of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing. They learn how to leverage these channels to reach a broader audience and achieve marketing objectives.

Traditional and integrated campaigns: Apprentices will be required to work on integrated marketing campaigns which will combine both digital and traditional marketing methods. They’ll learn about channels and tactics during their training.

Data analysis and insights: This apprenticeship emphasises the importance of data-driven decision-making. Multi-Channel Marketers will learn how to analyse data to track the performance of various marketing campaigns and make informed adjustments.

Customer journey mapping: Understanding the customer journey is crucial in modern marketing. Multi-Channel Marketers are trained to create comprehensive customer journey maps that guide marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience.

Content marketing and copywriting: Content marketing is at the heart of modern marketing. Multi-Channel Marketers learn how to create and manage content that resonates with their target audience across digital and traditional marketing channels.

Campaign management: Apprentices will learn about and be expected to take ownership of campaigns and this includes the utilisation of budgets. These don’t need to be huge budgets and responsibilities, but they will need to show these skills as part of their End-Point Assessment.


Comparing the Multi-Channel Marketer to the Digital Marketer

We’ve already discussed the differences in our last article on the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship replacing Digital Marketer. The Digital Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship, which preceded the Multi-Channel Marketer, focused primarily on digital marketing fundamentals. It provided a strong foundation in areas like social media, content marketing, and email marketing, but it was limited in scope compared to the Multi-Channel Marketer programme. Though it was effective for a time, it’s now one of the oldest standards still in use. Here’s a comparison of the two:

Scope of skills:

  • Multi-Channel Marketer: This program covers a broader spectrum of marketing skills, including data analysis, customer journey mapping, automation, and digital and traditional marketing. It prepares apprentices to be versatile marketing professionals who can adapt to the evolving industry.
  • Digital Marketer: The older program primarily focused on core digital marketing skills. While these skills are important, they do not offer the same level of versatility as the Multi-Channel Marketer program.

Data-driven approach:

  • Multi-Channel Marketer: The Multi-Channel Marketer places a strong emphasis on data analysis and insights across the board, giving apprentices a distinct advantage in a data-driven marketing landscape, especially integrated campaigns.
  • Digital Marketer: While data analysis was a component of the Digital Marketer standard, it was not as comprehensive as in the Multi-Channel Marketer programme. It simply required the learners to evaluate two projects and use a handful of tools in a basic fashion.

Customer-centric approach:

  • Multi-Channel Marketer: Apprentices learn to create customer journey maps, which is vital in understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations. They’ll be taught much more about research and understanding their customers in order to build effective, all-encompassing campaigns, as opposed to channel-specific plans.
  • Digital Marketer: The older programme did not provide the same level of customer journey mapping skills. Instead, it focused more on the day to day implementation and less on the forward-thinking strategic elements of real-world marketing.

Project and Stakeholder management:

  • Multi-Channel Marketer: As you can probably tell, the new standard puts more emphasis on the responsibility and autonomy of learners. This is only a good thing as it means that they’ll more likely end up becoming well-rounded marketers who use their initiative.
  • Digital Marketer: Autonomy was a tiny element of the old strategy. The standard focused more on the idea of using tools to implement on campaigns that were often formulated by others.

End-Point Assessment:

A major difference between the new and old standards is the End-Point Assessment process. Multi-Channel Marketer uses much stricter assessment methods which are far more effective in determining real competence and knowledge. Multi-Channel uses a similar portfolio approach which involves a professional discussion after gateway. However, instead of completing a Synoptic Project which differs greatly from EPAO to EPAO, the new standard uses a workplace project with presentation and underpinning interview. This will be a difficult task to arrange for all parties involved but will ensure a real-world view of a learner’s actual competence and ability over a simulation. We’ll write a guide on Multi-Channel Marketer End-Point Assessment later down the line.


The stark difference

I’ve dropped hints at the elephant in the room with regards to Multi-Channel Marketer already. The major difference is the introduction of the requirement for learners to work on traditional marketing projects, or at least one anyway. This could throw a spanner in the works for a number of employers, specifically digital marketing agencies. So, if you’re thinking about taking on a Multi-Channel Marketer apprentice, be sure to check with your training provider whether it’ll be a good fit for your organisation and role. I wouldn’t say it’s anything to worry about too much, as you can work with your training provider to formulate some ideas for quick and easy wins, but, if you legitimately do not do any traditional comms in your business, be weary.


To wrap up

The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship represents a significant step forward compared to the older Digital Marketer standard. While the Digital Marketer programme provided valuable foundational knowledge in digital marketing, the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship equips candidates with a broader and more versatile skill set, making them well-prepared for the demands of the modern marketing landscape.

If you’re considering a career in marketing or seeking to develop your marketing team, the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship is a forward-looking choice that can set you or your employees on a path to success in today’s multi-faceted marketing world. It’s a testament to the industry’s commitment to keeping up with the times and providing aspiring marketers with the tools they need to thrive.

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