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Five free marketing courses for noobies

Considering a career in marketing but you’re unsure if it’s for you? Check out these five short training courses and dip your toe in the marketing waters first.

We’ve got a nice short one for you today. If like many people, you’re looking to dip your toe into the river that is marketing, but, you’re not sure whether marketing is for you. Well, why not test things out with some free online courses? Here are five courses that you should look at if you’re brand new to marketing.


Marketing Foundations

Does what it says on the tin. It’s a short, free course on the foundations of marketing. A nice and easy introduction to the whole thing. Find the course here.


Social Media certification

One of many free courses from the reputable marketing platform, Hubspot. There are many more where this came from so if you do enjoy the learning process, be sure to check out their other courses. Here’s the social media certification course.


Email marketing certification

A second one from Hubspot. This time it’s on email marketing. Don’t listen to what a load of people say out there, email marketing is in fact very much alive. Here’s the course.


SEO Foundation

Search Engine Optimisation is a big part of online marketing. It’s what improves the chances of people finding websites on search engines like Google. To get the basics nailed down, check out this course on SEO Foundations.


Google Garage

Great for beginners. There are dozens of courses on Google’s training platform. Check out things like Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and go from there.


Added bonus

Here’s one more for the road. This is a little more data-heavy. So, if you do some of the above courses and enjoy them, take a look at the Google Analytics IQ certification.


There we go

There are technically six free training courses if you’re starting from scratch. The good thing about these websites is there are plenty more resources and courses out there if you are interested in carrying on with your studies.

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