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Is the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship a good fit for your business?

Wondering whether the new Multi-Channel Marketer is a good fit for your marketing team or business? Take a look at our overview to find out.

How you will know your business needs a Multi-Channel Marketer apprentice?

  • The workload for your marketing team is getting too high;
  • Your company is forecasting growth;
  • Need new marketing skills;
  • The marketing team is increasing their coverage over different marketing channels.

Any business, regardless of its industry, can benefit as long as it has marketing personnel. This could be a solo marketer in your company looking for a pair of extra hands to get stuck in, or you have a team of marketers who don’t have enough time in the day to complete all their tasks, and need an extra pair of hands to help with the workload. The post-COVID era has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the importance of the business need for an online presence, requiring companies to constantly revitalise their strategies.

As long as your marketing team is geared towards utilising marketing activities to generate demand for a product or service, you’re heading in the right direction!


You might now be wondering, as a business, what aspects should the potential marketing apprenticeship job role cover:

• Contribution to the execution of campaigns, including social media and website initiatives.

• Proficient use of multiple platforms for daily marketing tasks. This could be different social channels, blogging, email marketing, or Paid ads.

• Collaboration within the organisation and interaction with external stakeholders.

Let’s drill down into what duties the role should cover:

  • Market Planning
  • Insight gathering
  • Using data and analytics to inform decision-making
  • Content creation
  • Campaign implementation involvement

Common Job Roles:

  • Digital Communications Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Communications Assistant
  • Marketing Junior
  • Social Media Assistant

How The Marketing Trainer can help you:

Before enrolment: We identify candidates, providing you with a diverse selection to meet your needs.

On programme, we support you with:

  • Training with our monthly training sessions, which includes CIM, Multi-Channel Marketer, and the choice of three optional modules designed to improve the specialisms of your apprentice.
  • Monthly skills coach sessions are specific to your apprentice, allowing them to receive expert feedback on how they can develop further.

By the end of the apprenticeship, you’ll have an apprentice that is firing on all cylinders and is contributing to the success of your marketing objectives

Find out more about the new Multi-Channel Marketer

Read more about the new Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship standard in our prospectus. It contains useful information about how we run the course, the sorts of things you’ll cover, costs, and how we embed CIMs into it.

    The Multi-Channel Marketer prospectus

    Let’s grow your team and build a brighter future for your business

    Get in contact with one of our team to find out more and discover how your business can grow through apprenticeships!

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