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Little Heath Industrial Estate, Office 3 & 4, Old Church Rd, Coventry CV6 7NB

The Marketing Trainer is off to the races

Ready, steady, go. We’ve opened for business and are ready to change marketing apprenticeships for the better.

How it started

This endeavour has been a brainchild of mine and Ash’s for quite some time. However, due to life reasons, we had to set it aside temporarily. Fast forward to May this year, and we embarked on the challenging and, at times, arduous application process after receiving an invitation to bid. We decided to raise the stakes by handling every aspect ourselves, including crafting policies and applications from scratch. We believed that if we couldn’t do it independently, we had no place on the register. For two individuals who had never previously written a single policy, it proved to be an intriguing experience… Not! In any case, after receiving the green light and successfully completing the onboarding process a couple of weeks ago, we have officially launched The Marketing Trainer as a trading name of Game-On Coaching Ltd.

So, where do we proceed from here?

We have a substantial amount of work ahead of us. This includes sorting out our LMS, developing programmes, managing sales, marketing, networking, and handling the day-to-day operations, all of which will keep us very busy. However, we won’t be going at it alone. Along the way, we plan to enlist the support of exceptional individuals, and with their help, we aspire to bring to life the training provider that Ash and I envisioned.

What are we trying to achieve

  • We want to build a training provider for Coaches. The Coach is central to the success of all apprentices and we want to build an organisation that listens to one of the most important elements of any training provider, the Coaches;
  • Our focus is solely on marketing apprenticeships and training. We want to be true experts in this field and by doing every apprenticeship standard under the sun we feel that we’ll ruin this image and aim;
  • Quality will take centre stage in everything we do. We’re starting as we mean to go on and are enlisting outside talent to help us set up and build a solid framework of quality across our business;
  • We aim to provide genuine value to our learners and employers by crafting the right programs, selecting the right candidates for the right roles, and partnering with the right employers. Absolutely no bums on seats.

With all of this said, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We eagerly anticipate what the next twelve months have in store. Stay tuned for exciting developments coming over the next couple of weeks.

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