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3 things you could do over the Easter weekend to improve your CV

I know what you’re thinking, “You must be a psychopath!”

But, before you click off whilst exclaiming “How dare you suggest I do some work on my weekend!” hear me out.

You potentially have four days now to sit back and relax. If this is the case why not consider investing just a couple of hours over the next four days to improve your CV for prospective marketing roles?

I wanted to put a tiny list together of three things you could do over the next four days that could help you develop knowledge or skills around marketing which may ultimately help you land your first marketing role.

So, without further delay, here we go.

Take a free course 💡

Okay, everyone likes to brag about a certificate and pop it on their CV. So why not take a free certification in marketing from Hubspot, Google, or any number of the other free training websites out there?

Maybe you’re interested in social media, or email marketing, or copywriting. Well, the great news is, there are dozens of free materials out on the web.

Most of them are relatively short and will give you some solid talking points in your next interview.

Read a book 📖

Jump onto Amazon or visit your local bookshop and get yourself a quick and easy read.

I’d personally recommend books like:

All of these are pretty short and sweet and you could bash through them over a couple of hours this weekend.

Jump in and start something ✍🏽

Why not set up a social media profile a blog, or both…

Spend a couple of hours this Easter weekend starting a little side project on a subject that you’re passionate about and get those creative juices flowing.

Get yourself a free website on Wix or WordPress and claim a social media profile and start writing stuff, making videos, and popping up posts. Use something like Canva to get started.

The good thing about this is that you could keep doing this every now and again and use it as a portfolio for your CV.

There you go…

See, that’s not all that bad. Spend a little time each day doing one of the above and you’ll have productively used your weekend on top of partying and relaxing.

These three little things could improve your knowledge, skills, and CV. They won’t take your 100s of hours and could make that little bit of difference when applying for marketing apprenticeships perhaps 😛

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