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Apprenticeships, a graduates secret weapon to getting a job

Are you a graduate struggling to find a job? Don’t worry, you’re not alone out there. Have you considered an apprenticeship though?

It’s not looking great out there for graduates. A recent study conducted by Reed shows that graduate job postings are on the decline but in comparison to government statistics, university graduates have steadily increased over the last couple of years. That’s not a good thing! Add to this that surveys say that anywhere from 27% – 46% of graduates actually end up in roles that align with their degrees and you’ve got a scary situation on your hands.

A chart showing a decline in graduate job postings.

However, there is a solution to this problem. University graduates can significantly boost their chances of getting into work by enrolling on apprenticeships. This offers them the chance to acquire valuable skills and experiences.

As mentioned above, many graduates end up working in completely different sectors to their original plans. However, apprenticeships can offer a step into synergistic careers so you can still apply what you’ve learned during your degree. For example, maybe you studied psychology and started a marketing apprenticeship, you may not think that’s a good fit, but in reality, it really is.

If you are a fresh university graduate, here are some of the advantages of engaging in apprenticeships:

Practical experience

Up to this point, you may not have gotten much hands-on experience in the field that you’ve studied towards. The great thing is that apprenticeships provide a distinctive learning environment, allowing you to acquire hands-on experience in your chosen field under the mentorship of a seasoned professional. This is an opportunity often absent in traditional university settings or entry-level positions.

Targeted skill enhancement

Tailored training in apprenticeships closely aligns with the specific needs of businesses, enabling you as a graduate to develop skills directly relevant to your chosen profession.

Heightened employability

Participating in apprenticeships enables individuals to cultivate applied, on-the-job skills, competencies, and capabilities, enhancing their overall employability. The practical knowledge gained proves valuable throughout their careers.

Insight into organisations

Apprenticeships offer graduates a unique perspective into organisational dynamics, fostering an understanding of a company’s inner workings and providing practical knowledge applicable to real-world situations. Again, this may be something you’ve not encountered if you worked part-time during your degree.

Increased productivity

As apprentices accumulate experience and skills, their efficiency in completing tasks and projects improves, contributing to enhanced productivity within the organisation. Your advantage as a graduate in this is that you’ve got three years of theory under your belt which should make applying that theory a little easier whilst working.

Long-term employment prospects

Apprenticeships often pave the way for graduates to transition directly into long-term employment, thanks to the skills and experience gained during the apprenticeship period. A lot of people think that apprenticeships are just a contractual thing. That’s not the case. A high percentage of apprenticeships get kept on after completing their programmes.

Alternate route to lucrative careers

For graduates exploring alternative pathways to higher-paying careers, apprenticeships offer a viable option for acquiring transferable skills and pursuing fulfilling career opportunities.

To warp up

In conclusion, recent university graduates stand to gain significantly from engaging in apprenticeships post-degree, leveraging these opportunities to gain practical experience, refine specific skills, and bolster their overall employability for long-term career success.

Interested in starting an apprenticeship?

Simply fill in the form on this page and we’ll get in touch to discuss how an apprenticeship could help you find a job. Just as a reminder, here are some of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship with us:

  • Gaining practical hands-on marketing experience & skills;
  • Getting a better perspective on where you want to go in life;
  • Earning a salary while you study;
  • You’ll have access to mentorship and guidance along the way;
  • Apprenticeships lead to better career opportunities;
  • Gain industry-recognised qualifications for free.

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