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How to prepare for you marketing apprenticeship interview

Do you have a marketing apprenticeship interview coming up? Check out this guide for 7 things to prepare for to smash it out of the park

Whether you’re a school or college leaver, a graduate, or looking to retrain, embarking on a career in marketing as an apprentice can be an exciting and rewarding journey. However, before you can dive into the field, you’ve got to successfully land yourself a job as a marketing apprentice. A lot of this guidance is fairly general, so if you’ve read other articles on interview prep, you probably won’t get heaps of new advice. However, it’ll be useful nonetheless. To help you prepare and stand out from the competition, here’s our short guide on how to smash your marketing apprenticeship interviews.

1. Research the Company:

Before heading into interviews, make sure that you thoroughly research the companies. Try to understand its values, mission, and the products or services it offers. Familiarise yourself with recent marketing campaigns, think about their target audience, and the company’s position in the market, in particular, think about their competitors. This knowledge not only showcases your genuine interest but also allows you to tailor your responses to questions. Interviewers will be impressed if you show that you’re already thinking like a marketer.

2. Brush Up on Marketing Basics:

Demonstrate your fundamental understanding of marketing principles. Hit up some Google searches for things like “What is marketing”, “Marketing basics”, and “Marketing theory basics”. It could be worth reading about things like the four Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), understanding the concept of target audience segmentation, and looking into current marketing trends. Being knowledgeable in these basics will show that you’ve made a conscious effort and are ready to contribute effectively in a marketing role.

3. Showcase Your Creativity:

Marketing is a pretty creative field. During the interview, be prepared to discuss your creativity and how it could be applied to marketing strategies and campaign ideas. Provide examples of projects or experiences where you had to think outside the box, develop original solutions, or demonstrate your artistic abilities. This could include graphic design, content creation, or other work that you’ve done that’s related in some way to marketing.

4. Highlight Your Analytical Skills:

Marketing is not just about creativity; it also requires analytical thinking and most of the time this means working with data. Demonstrate your ability to analyse data, interpret trends, and draw meaningful insights. Familiarise yourself with basic marketing metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). We wrote an article a while back on common marketing acronyms (don’t worry, you won’t need to remember the all). Discuss how you’ve used data to optimise in the past to make logical decisions. Don’t worry it it’s not marketing related.

5. Prepare for Behavioural Questions:

Interviewers often ask behavioural questions to understand how you’ve handled situations in the past. Be ready to share specific examples of challenges you’ve faced, your role in resolving them, and the results of your actions. This could include instances where you collaborated with a team, demonstrated leadership, or adapted to changing circumstances.

6. Develop a Marketing Campaign Pitch:

Though this tends to be a 2nd stage thing, it could be worth preparing a brief marketing campaign pitch tailored to the company. This could be a hypothetical campaign idea or an improvement to an existing one. Clearly articulate the target audience, key messages, and channels you would utilise. This not only showcases your strategic thinking but also provides tangible evidence of your ability to contribute to the organisation’s marketing efforts.

7. Practice Your Elevator Pitch:

Craft a simple and compelling elevator pitch about yourself, emphasising your relevant skills, experiences, and enthusiasm for marketing. This is sometimes one of the first questions in an interview and sets the tone for the conversation. Practice delivering your pitch with confidence, ensuring that it aligns with the expectations of a marketing apprentice role.


Preparing for a marketing apprentice interview requires a combination of industry knowledge, creativity, and effective communication skills. By researching the company, showcasing your understanding of marketing fundamentals, and preparing for behavioural questions, you’ll put yourself in a strong position. Remember to highlight your creativity, analytical skills, and enthusiasm for the field, leaving a lasting impression on your interviewers. Most importantly, we wish you good luck!

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