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Find your first marketing job with social media in 2024

Bored of the job search grind? Don’t worry, we get it! Have you consider using social media as an active and passive way of hunting for marketing roles? If not, check this out.

So, you’ve recently finished college or uni or decided it’s time for a career change. You’ve spruced up your CV and uploaded it to loads of job boards, had a few calls with recruiters, and maybe you’ve even had an interview or two. However, you’ve still not landed your first role in marketing. Depending on how long you’ve been actively looking, you may be feeling a little disheartened. Ultimately, using this approach can be a bit of a grind. But don’t worry, there is a possible solution.

If, like many folks out there, you are spending a lot of social media time scrolling through kitten and puppy videos, liking people’s food pics, or listening intently to workout plans. It may be the ideal time to switch gears and use social media to score your first marketing job.

In this short article, I’m going to talk about some of the ways you can use social media to find marketing roles, improve your personal brand, attract those who are recruiting, and ultimately get more embedded into marketing groups and communities. Here we go.

9 ways to improve your social media job search

Showcase your skills online

When hunting for a marketing job, your online presence is key. Create a standout portfolio or CV on social media to highlight your best work. Whether it’s a snazzy blog, a sleek portfolio website, or a vibrant social media page, make sure it screams “hire me!”.

I know what you’re thinking “How can I build a portfolio if I’ve not got any experience?”. Well, easily. We’ve written an article about this previously and would recommend you be proactive in setting up your own blog or social media profiles designed to publish hypothetical work on real-world or even imaginary companies.

Alternatively, think outside the box! Instead of just a plain CV, consider jazzing it up with a video resume or an infographic that reflects your personality and skills. Upload a video to something like Youtube where you can actually get your personality across the prospective employers.

Use LinkedIn regularly

Set up a LinkedIn profile and log in regularly. Look for job opportunities via the job search function and take advantage of features like ‘Easy Apply’ to streamline your applications.

It’s really important that you have a complete profile with LinkedIn. Recruiters will use keyword booleans to search for specific information on candidates. For example, (Marketing AND “Recent Graduate”) could be used by a recruiter to find individuals who have recently graduated with a degree in marketing. Essentially, ensure you’ve provided valuable keyword-rich information that could increase the chances of being picked up in searches.

Also, consider using hashtags as mentioned below to search for people who are actively hiring but not through LinkedIn jobs directly.

Everyone loves a hashtag

Utilise hashtags like #marketingjobs #graduatejobs, etc, to cast a wide net for roles. Once you’ve found a couple of relevant ones, check out what hashtags they’ve used as this will help you to filter your search. For example, maybe #manchestermarketingjobs is a hashtag with a couple of hundred posts, or, #juniorSEOjobs if you’re looking for something more niche.

Ultimately, get inventive with your searches as there may be some hidden gems out there.

PS, this will also work on other platforms like Instagram and X.

Polish your profile

Clean up your social media! Adjust your privacy settings to hide or delete anything you wouldn’t want your future boss to see. And remember, a little personality is great, but keep it professional. This leads on to…

Show your personality

Let your personality shine through on your profiles, but keep it professional. LinkedIn is your go-to for showcasing your professional self, while platforms like Twitter (X) and Instagram can give a glimpse into your personal interests. Ultimately, if you’re going to start posting regularly and engaging with others, find your own personalised approach. Don’t feel that you have to follow the boring corporate tact as you won’t be remembered for this. Be memorable and “professional”, not boring…

As a side note – Ditch the clichés! Be authentic and let your unique qualities shine through. Drop all the BS buzzwords and patter. A lot of folks get suckered in by people with 1000’s of followers even though they’re a bit douchey. Don’t try and replicate that.

Engage and network. It’s social media after all

Get involved in industry discussions on social media. Follow relevant hashtags, join groups, and share your insights. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge and make connections.

Groups can be a great way of learning from as well as engaging with others and they’re a good place to find new contacts and connections. Test and trial groups as some are better than others so don’t worry about leaving them.

By posting and commenting regularly, you may actually be noticed passively by potential employers.

Be Proactive, Not Desperate

Don’t flood people’s feeds with desperate pleas for a job. This will just put people off. Instead, be proactive and engage in meaningful discussions. Offer value, pitch ideas, and show you’re a proactive thinker.

Connect with potential hiring managers or folks who are displaying the hiring banner on platforms like LinkedIn.

A word of warning – The LinkedIn open-to-work banner has a very mixed reception. Some see it as outright desperate and some see it as a viable method of advertising your availability. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this. Instead, I’d recommend going into your profile settings and checking the option to show recruiters that you’re on the market instead of publicly advertising.

Follow influencers

Find and follow influencers on social platforms. Do some Google searches for popular marketing influencers and drop them a follow. They’ll often have a finger on the pulse when it comes to marketing trends, etc. However, it could also be worth looking to follow influential marketing recruiters, yes there are some good ones out there, as they may be able to throw potential job leads your way.

Keep it fresh

Regularly update your social media profiles to reflect your current situation and skills. Adding a copy of your CV or links to things like your portfolio is incredibly effective.

Wrapping up

There we go, there are 9 different things you can do to improve your job search through social media. Again, as with anything, consistency is key with a lot of this. However, by doing a lot of this stuff, you’ll also improve your social media skills and this could lend itself nicely to when you eventually do land your first marketing role.

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