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Is the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship right for you?

If you’re looking to enrol on a marketing apprenticeship, check out our Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship and see if it’s what you’re looking for.

So, you’ve made the decision that an apprenticeship is the way you’re going. You’ve decided upon marketing as your path and now you’ve found out that there is a new apprenticeship standard being released called Multi-Channel Marketer. But, is the course right for you?

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the elements of the new course to help you establish whether it’s going to be a good fit for you and what you’re looking for. We’ll talk about elements of the KSBs (Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours) and discuss some of the sorts of things you’ll be taught and the hands-on experience you’ll gain from undertaking it. Let’s get started.


Features of the Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard

Here is an overview of the sorts of things you’ll be doing as part of the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship.

Integrated marketing approach

The Level 3 course places a strong emphasis on an integrated marketing approach, this means recognising the interconnected nature of various marketing channels including digital AND traditional channels. As marketing professionals, you’ll be expected to understand how different marketing channels complement each other to create a cohesive and effective strategy. You’ll cover things like marketing channels and tactics in your training on the course and will be expected to demonstrate you worked toward this in the workplace as part of your portfolio and project. So, if you want a job just working in social media, this probably isn’t the course for you.

Data-driven decision-making

In the age of big data, successful marketers need to be proficient in interpreting and using data. This could include data from both traditional and digital marketing techniques and channels. Our Multi-Channel Marketer training includes modules on analytics tools, data interpretation, and deriving actionable insights to drive marketing decisions. In addition, as part of your End-Point Assessment, you’ll need to present evidence that you’ve used data to inform decisions on things like campaign planning and evaluations.

Campaign planning and design

As a marketer, you’ll be required to formulate and design marketing campaigns. Using logical steps in research and planning, you’ll need to present evidence that you’ve designed campaign plans or strategies with reasoned logic instead of just taking a stab in the dark. Oftentimes, these plans will be presented to stakeholders before executing them. As part of the standard, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve done this through your workplace project.

Content creation, publishing, and monitoring

As part of the apprenticeship you’ll have to generate, collaborate on, and refine content in partnership with team members for suitable marketing platforms. This may include things like websites, email campaigns, social media, sales collateral, affiliate marketing, or event displays. You’ll need to do this whilst ensuring you adhere to your company’s brand guidelines. During your training, you’ll cover things like brand management and copywriting. This all falls into the idea of content marketing which you’ll be required to demonstrate as part of your evidence for the apprenticeship.

Ethical and sustainable considerations

In an era where ethical concerns in marketing are increasingly important, the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship standard includes content on ethical and sustainable marketing practices. During the course, you’ll be taught about some of the initiatives, processes, and ideologies of ethical and sustainable marketing. Again, you’ll be required to demonstrate that you’ve acknowledged and worked on campaigns in accordance with some of these considerations.


Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors

There are a total of 47 elements that you’ll be assessed on as part of the standard. I won’t go into these in-depth as it’s all a bit dry, but, it’s important to understand what sorts of things you’ll be assessed against to understand the sorts of roles you’ll be undertaking as part of the apprenticeship.

  • Strategic thinking: The course aims to cultivate strategic thinking among marketers. Apprentices will be expected to develop an understanding of business goals and align marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Content marketing mastery: Content remains king in the digital realm. The standard covers advanced content marketing techniques, emphasising the creation of compelling, shareable, and valuable content across various channels.
  • Social media proficiency: With the pervasive influence of social media, marketing apprentices are required to master various platforms. This includes understanding algorithms, creating engaging content, and utilising advertising features effectively.
  • Adaptability and continuous learning: The dynamic nature of digital marketing demands a commitment to continuous learning. The Level 3 standard instils a mindset of adaptability and a proactive approach to staying abreast of industry trends.
  • Effective communication: Multi-channel marketers are communicators at their core. The standard emphasises honing communication skills, both written and verbal, ensuring marketers can convey their messages effectively across diverse channels.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Multi-channel marketing often involves collaboration across departments. The standard focuses on developing interpersonal skills and fostering a collaborative mindset to ensure seamless coordination among team members.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

The apprenticeship will last from between 13 – 15 months depending on a couple of factors. This means that you’ll be in employment for around 15 months. Once you’ve completed the apprenticeship it’ll be up to you and your employer as to whether you stay with the organisation.


How much will you be paid?

This really depends on a number of factors as with any job. However, we work with employers to align expectations around the role, responsibilities, experience, etc. Salaries can range from a minimum of £12,000 upwards. We’ll discuss the realities of salaries as and when we line up interviews for you though.


How does training and support work?

At The Marketing Trainer, we’ve built a curriculum of training which will cover you for the entirety of the apprenticeship. You’ll attend monthly training with your study group as well as have 1-on-1 support sessions with your coach. We also provide a number of additional courses which can be taken at any time on our platform “”. The idea is that we train you on all of the required elements, but also additional content which can help with your role, etc.

Additionally, you’ll get a minimum of 6 hours a week to study and learn whilst at work. Apprenticeships are designed so that you don’t have to take work home with you. We won’t stop you from doing some outside revisions, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.



As part of the Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship, we also offer an embedded level 3 CIM at no extra cost to you. This means that not only do you learn about marketing and get hands one experience in the field, but you also get an industry-recognised qualification and membership as well. Not many training providers offer this!


How does the final assessment work?

End-Point Assessment as it’s called is conducted in two ways. At the end of the apprenticeship, you’ll be able to start this process. Before this though, you have to have completed a portfolio of evidence toward some of the KSBs (Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours). During EPA, you’ll sit down with an Assessor and be asked questions about the evidence in your portfolio. However,  the second part of EPA is the workplace project. You have up to 12 weeks to complete a workplace project which demonstrates the remainder of the KSBs. You’ll then have to deliver a presentation as well as have an interview around this. Once all of this is done, you’ll be complete. It’s quite a lot, but don’t worry, we support you the whole way.


What sorts of jobs will you be doing?

As with anything, there are loads of different job titles and duties that you may perform whilst on the apprenticeship and these depend on your employer and the overall organisation you work for. However, here are some common job titles and responsibilities you’ll likely be involved in:

Marketing Assistant/Executive: A generalist role where you’ll be involved in supporting a marketing team in all manner of marketing tasks including research, planning, creation of assets, implementation, and data collection for review.

Marketing communications executive: A more focussed role on implementation across marketing channels. You may be more involved in content creation through image, video, audio, and written content. You’ll likely work across different platforms like social media, email marketing, print, etc.

Digital Marketing Executive/Assistant: You’ll be more focussed on digital marketing channels which may include things like paid advertising on social media and search engines, search engine optimisation, and reporting on digital marketing campaigns.

CRM Executive: A role like this focuses more on the segmentation and use of customer data. You could be heavily involved in research projects, email marketing, and various campaign initiatives like building awareness or getting customer conversions through the effective use of your databases.


Where can this apprenticeship lead?

That’s really up to you. A lot of learners continue to develop by enrolling on the Marketing Executive programme where they get their level 4 CIM, while others choose to continue working as regular employees. Ultimately, that’s up to you. However, we will discuss possible options upon completion and see whether we can help you further with your career and what to do next.


To wrap up

In conclusion, the Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 apprenticeship standard integrates a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and behaviours, it’ll equip you as a marketer to navigate the complexities of modern digital marketing successfully. As professionals embrace this standard, the industry can anticipate a new generation of marketers who are not only adept at utilising various channels but are strategic thinkers capable of driving meaningful results in an ever-evolving landscape.

What are you waiting for?

Simply fill in this form and one of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help you kick-start your marketing career. Here are some of the benefits again:

  • Graduate in just 13-15 months;
  • Master your chosen skills with individual coaching and development;
  • Gain additional professional qualifications that 98% of apprentices do not;
  • Learn at your own pace;
  • Access to the latest in creative and technical training.

If you need any more information, check out our Apprentice FAQ in case it answers any of your questions.

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